Microsoft Edge Imports Your Data From Chrome And Firefox Before You Give Permission

When Edge asks for your consent to import data, If you’d like, the browser will ask Supporting that conversation will see that a few of their information is currently there.

This is before a user has granted permission to look in their browsers to Microsoft.

Does Microsoft plan to fix this and play by the rules? Microsoft provided some advice about what’s going on here.

The company clarified that the import dialog gives users” that the chance to lose or keep the data that was deleted.

When a customer stops the installation process, early residual data might not be entirely deleted.

She talked to Windows Central, To import fundamental data from specifically Google Chrome, a different browser, or even Mozilla Firefox.

Maybe it shouldn’t be taken by you before being granted permission if browser data belongs to the customer.

Want to import information during setup from another browser.

Sure doesn’t seem like it. In a statement, Microsoft essentially only dodged the question.

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