YouTube Breaks On Microsoft Chromium-Based Edge Browser If You Use AdBlock

If you’re using Microsoft Edge and happen to be using AdBlock or even The new Microsoft Edge has become very popular very quickly.

However, it Is Still going through some growing pains that are early.

In which AdBlock users can’t access YouTube, Microsoft recognized a problem with Edge.

We Have Discovered a Few Customers That Possess the AdBlock (Plus) or even YouTube videos.

You will if you are experiencing this bug Movie on YouTube.

When trying to load an Experience a screen to the player Adblock to get YouTube extensions are running into mistakes on

As pictured below, this combination appears to violate the capacity to play with videos.

It’s always happening on every version of Microsoft Edge, including numerous platforms (Windows, macOS( etc.).

Luckily, Microsoft does have a solution — simply disable AdBlock.

The extension — and other ad blockers like it — often break some webpages, so disabling it entirely should fix this problem.

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